15 year IBG - 3 layer torch-on felt flat roof, Cambridge - Roofing Cambridge

15 year IBG – 3 layer torch-on felt flat roof, Cambridge

Project Facts

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Project Detail

The client called Cambridge Roofers because the two flat roofs on the property were leaking.  After an initial survey, Cambridge Roofers identified an asphalt covered roof with a disintegrating timber substrate that would not survive the stripping of the main surface.  The client was advised of three flat roof options including 10 year IBG (insurance-backed guarantee) felt solution, a 15 year IBG felt and a 20 year IBG EPDM solution.  The customer elected to go with the 15 year 3 layer built up torch-on felt.  The customer was also advised that compliance with Part L1b of building regulations would mean that 120mm of foam board insulation would also need to be included.  The client chose to include the insulation.  The works have been carried out by Cambridge Roofers’ award-winning felt roofer Justin Halford.

The client had a decorator carrying out some renovations so careful coordination with the decorator was essential to the smooth running of the installation.


Built Process