EPDM Flat Roofing - Huntingdon - 20 year IBG - Roofing Cambridge

EPDM Flat Roofing – Huntingdon – 20 year IBG

Project Facts

Project Detail

Cambridge Flat Roofing – EPDM Flat Roofing:

The customer called Cambridge Roofers out to look at the flat roof on a commercial property because the existing shingled felt membrane had failed and was leaking into the premises below.   The initial survey showed the felt had failed in half a dozen places and the decking beneath was soaked.  Cambridge Roofers were able to apply a temporary stop on the leak in the first instance.

Three options for a solution were provided to the customer as is standard.  The 10 year IBG, 15 year IBG or 20 year EPDM flat roof IBG solution.  Due the condition of the decking beneath and the customers pre-exising knowledge of EPDM rubber roofs, they elected to go with the 20 year guaranteed EPDM flat roof.

The work was carried out 6 weeks after instruction over several days by Cambridge Roofers EPDM specialist David Maslen.  You can see from the pictures, Davids unique approach to ensuring what he calls his ‘snooker table’ finish by planing down the joins between the OSB timber decking sheets.  The end result was highly satisfactory and the client has made several recommendations since.