Flat roof renovation, York street, Cambridge - Roofing Cambridge

Flat roof renovation, York street, Cambridge

Flat Roof, Renovation

Project Facts

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Project Detail

Procedure involved stripping existing felt. Replacing water damaged decking. Lowering the inlet that was ‘sitting proud’ in the box gutter. An extra 4th layer of felt was applied to re-enforce the lining of the box gutter. Felt was applied right into the upstands of the window sill to make fully water tight. Client was provided with a 10 year insurance-backed guarantee after final payment was received.


  • Stripped out felt that was over
  • Replaced water damaged decking
  • Applied 1 layer of 2mm torch-on underlay
  • An additional layer was torched onto the box gutter for additional re-enforcement and durability under wet conditions
  • Apply 2nd layer of underlay
  • Applied 3rd layer of torch-on cap-sheet
  • Outlet was re-positioned lower down into decking layer due to sitting too high for sufficient drainage
  • All felt was dressed up under lead capping to upstands
  • Final layer of torch on felt was applied to underside of double glazing upstands

Built Process