Cambridge Flat Roofing

Cambridge Flat Roofing, Stapleford – 3 LAYER FELT, 15 YEAR IBG

Project Facts

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Project Detail

Stapleford Flat Roof, 15 year IBG.

Cambridge Flat Roofing:

The customer contacted Cambridge Roofers after recently purchasing a property in need of significant renovation.   This began with waterproofing a flat roof over the rear extension.  Cambridge Roofers operate with a 2 week lead-time for most flat roofs but in this emergency case, some sympathetic customers were willing to delay their installation for a more desperate customer.

As usual, the customer was offered 3 standards of solution, a 10 year IBG (insurance-backed guarantee) flat roofing solution, a 15 year IBG flat roofing solution and a 20 year IBG flat roofing solution.  The customer opted to go for the 15 year IBG with 120mm foam board insulation.  There was some confusion over the need to involve building regulation as part of potentially triggering part L1b of building regulations.  It was explained that this is only relevant when over 50% of the roof coverings are to be renovated.

There were some logistical problems to overcome with the increased height levels and making good to the abutting slate roof.  Solutions were skillfully engineered by Cambridge Roofers award-winning felt roofer  Justin Halford.

Built Process