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Cabin re-felt, Hardwick

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Project Facts

  • Client: Residential

Project Detail

Shed Re-Felt in Hardwick:

Brief to provide a medium to long-term roofing solution to deteriorated Cabin flat roof. The customer was offered 3 solutions. A basic 10 year solution, a 15 year solution and a 20 year solution all with Insurance-backed guarantees. The customer opted for the 10 year solution. The work was carried out by our award-winning felt roofer Justin Halford. As usual, Justin consulted with the customer through the installation and agreed to some minor additional works of replacing some of the timber decking in places. Justin took great care to use entire rolls of felt to cover across the roof resulting in more wastage of fresh rolls but reducing the number of joints and therefore improving the quality and durability of the installation.

Built Process