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Roofing Cambridge – Flat Roof – Asbestos Garage Conversion – Trumpington

Project Facts

Project Detail

Asbestos Garage – Trumpington.

Cambridge Roofers were asked to refurbish a series of leaking asbestos garage roofs in Trumpington by an existing customer.

The customer was offered two options of either pressed steel sheeting or a single ply EPDM flat roof but selected a single ply solution.

The asbestos was removed and disposed of to a licensed waste site and then a new timber frame was constructed over which, timber decking and a single ply membrane was installed.

One of the garages required the installation of an RSJ to support a modified and extended roof over a bike shed.

On the same estate in Trumpington, Cambridge, the recycling centre mineral felt roof was replaced along with all of it’s supporting timber carcass.


– To replace existing coverings with new single ply EPDM membrane to 3no. flat roofs.

• Manufacturer: Firestone.
• Material: EPDM.

• Thickness: 1.52mm.
• Colour: Charcoal.
• Perimeter: uPVC
• Warranty: 25 years.


To supply and install no.4 new Dome Skylights.

• Manufacturer: Rooflights and Glazing Ltd
• Dimensions: 950mm x 1350mm

• Opening Mechanism: Fixed.
• Thickness: Double skin
• U-Value: 2.9Wm2K (guidance)
• Upstands: Bespoke timber construction.
• Warranty: 10 years.

Completed March 2017

Built Process