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Slate roof repairs – Cambridge Roofers

Project Facts

Project Detail

The customer had a leak above a loft hatch over a bathroom so Cambridge Roofers were called out.  There was an old glass skylight where the flashing had failed.  Due to imminent plans to extend the loft, the customer requested minor repairs to stop ingress until the major plans were carried out.

It was recommended that the skylight be cut out and slated over.   An entire section of slates had to be stripped out, new felt installed and some minor lead repairs and remedial work to the guttering were carried out.

Whilst on the job, we did notice some failed lead flashing so we inserted a lead saddle beneath lead valley as you can see from the picture.

We also screwed in a timber batten beneath the gutter to lift up the gutter to prevent the run-off further damaging the existing lead because there was no stop end in place.
This was a belt and braces repair job with quite a bit more work carried out than was quoted for. That being said, Cambridge Roofers can only guarantee the work that is done do not the solution to ingress, unless we replace the entire roof.
The works were not urgent but carried out within a week of the site visit due to the customer being flexible with allowing Cambridge Roofers access to the property.